Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Redefining SuperMom....

Here it is, finally. I've found the theme of my blog and I can start it now - redefining SuperMom. I feel like that is what I'm doing. SuperMom is a play on Superman, who has the strength to do anything he wants. So this tends to be used to denote the image of a Mom who is trying to doing everything, working, housekeeping, carting her kids around town. But I want to be a different kind of SuperMom. Super, as one definition says, is of the highest quality. That's what I want to be. Of the highest quality. And to me, that is a Mom who is constantly searching and striving to improve her parenting and herself.

Parenting has really been a huge catalyst for me for self-improvement. I feel the enormity and challenge of my job as nurturer and role model for my child everyday. There are many successes, and many disasters to say the least. But having a child offers me something that very few situations do - many, many chances to try again. If I don't get it right, she will let me know! But if I do get it right, the result obvious, and it is priceless....

Parenting permeates every aspect of my life and asks me to improve - no, nags at me to improve. From what I decide for us to eat, to how I handle my finances, to how I show respect for the environment and how I relate to other people. There is always something to improve, another goal to strive for, because what I know I am really doing is building the future. The future that my child will live in, and the future my child will be.

So, I guess that is what I want to share. How becoming a better parent and a better person are one and the same, and leads to a better world, which is really the end result. The kind of SuperMom I want to be is actually more like Superman - not a Mom of super strength or superhuman powers, but a Mom that will help the world with the strength of her mind....


Justine said...

You are an inspiration to all moms. We all try to do the best we can and provide the best we can so that our children will be better than us. Not that we are any worse but we always look out for number one for them.

I can share with you my Supermom -- it is my job and nobody else. We are responsible for our own kids and nobody else. We nurture in so many ways and we are allowed to be tired. The strength is in the mind and not our physique. You can do anything and to know that it is for good reasons -- no matter how difficult, it is worth every tear or sweat.

Grace, keep blogging to let me know how you's are people, are girls, are friends, are much appreciated too.

: )

John E. Tran said...

This is an awesome theme Grace!

I think everyone can relate because in everyone's life is at least one SuperMom.

I look forward to reading more entries in the future!